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Top 10 FREE Travel Apps You Need When You’re a Tourist

Planning a trip is often overwhelming, and it can be hard to sift through all the good and bad information available. With over 1 million apps ready for download, deciding which ones are most helpful to travelers can be a task in itself. With all this knowledge at our fingertips comes more options to streamline planning and travel.

Smartphones have definitely helped make travel easier, and your phone may prove to be your best friend with the help of some of these virtual assistants. Check out our list of the top ten FREE travel apps currently available for download.

1. Google Translate ( This service is user friendly and translates words, text, and even pictures into over 100 different languages. You can also download a “language pack” ahead of time, which can be used without mobile data when traveling abroad.

2. XE Currency ( This converter allows travelers to compare multiple currencies at the same time and provides live, up to the minute exchange rates. No internet connection is needed, adding to its convenience.

3. Tripit ( Consider Tripit your personal travel assistant. This app helps organize travel itineraries and consolidates all information into a user-friendly format. Another perk? You can share your trip plans with contacts in your phone or email, streamlining communication with friends and family.

4. Snapseed ( Also developed by Google, Snapseed is considered one of the best mobile photo editing apps available. It features both pre-set and custom editing options and is available in more than 40 languages. Snapseed lets users achieve all the features and quality editing of professional software without the extra complexities so every photo on your journey can be as perfect as being there.

5. Pocket ( This app allows you to save articles, blogs and other reading material for your long (or short) journey. You can also save attractions, restaurants and other recommended locations all without requiring internet connection.

6. American Red Cross ( Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry, and a little preparation can go a long way. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions, videos and other resources providing expert care in the palm of your hand.

7. HereWeGo ( Originally developed by Nokia, this app ranks among the best in offline navigation. HereWeGo provides voice-guided directions, whether driving or walking, in over 150 different countries. It even works without internet connection as long as you download ahead of time, setting it apart from some of its competitors.

8. App in the Air ( This will be your new one-stop app for all things itinerary related. From boarding passes to departure times, and even waits at security check-in, App in the Air is constantly updating information in real time to provide a seamless trip. Perhaps the most unique feature is it can even measure your overhead carry-on using augmented reality.

9. PackPoint ( What if there was an app that could help you pack? Provide your destination and travel dates, and PackPoint will create a weather-specific packing list. The app will also ask for your itinerary and make suggestions based on your answers. You can of course edit and adjust any suggestions PackPoint provides.

10. Accuweather ( While we can’t predict the weather, we can prepare for mother nature. This app features 15-day forecast summaries, 5-day forecasts, and can even zero in on your GPS location to provide up to the minute precipitation reports.

With proper planning and the right travel tools available to you at any time, these free apps can help make the difference between a stressful trip and a worry-free journey.

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