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Top 6 Reasons You NEED To Take A River Cruise

Just like there are many different types of people in the world; that also lends itself to many different types of travelers. To some, a luxury cruise ship that looks larger than most buildings with all its amenities and hoopla couldn’t be more exciting. These floating resorts can accommodate up to 6,000 people and just being aboard enjoying everything they have to offer is an experience in itself. Great for families, singles, and just about anyone who wants to have a good time, major cruise ships pack in big time appeal.

To others, being stuck out on the water with thousands of people couldn’t sound less attractive. The crowds and over activity just isn’t their thing, as much as they love being on the water. For travelers who fall into this category, a River Cruise is an outstanding option. River Cruises are leisurely, relaxing, culturally immersive, significantly less crowded, while still being exciting.

Imagine being aboard a luxury ship with five-star accommodations, delicious food, and an intimate group of people who are just as excited to explore the culture of your destination as you are. Sound great? Here are 6 great reasons to consider a luxurious River Cruise.

1. Smaller Crowds

While large cruise liners can hold up to 6,000 people, River Cruises are significantly smaller and more intimate. One average, they can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 250 guests. This lends itself to an overall quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. Many travelers use this as an opportunity to get to know their fellow explorers and make new friends.

2. Local Cuisine

Dining on a River Cruise is one of the highlights of your trip. Instead of mass produced food, there is often a five-star chef onboard preparing local cuisine with the freshest ingredients. Regional wine pairings are also common. Involving your palette in the cultural exploration contributes to an even more immersive experience.

3. Less Time Sailing

Sailing along a river has many benefits. The ride is often smoother, and there is always land in sight. You’ll rarely spend a full day on the water and will arrive each day in a new location.

4. Better Access

Because the route on a River Cruise is along inland waterways, arriving on land is quick and easy. You have access to scenery and ports that would be impossible for large cruise liners to get near. You’re taken past landscapes you won’t see on the ocean and dropped off right in the heart of your destination.

5. More Time On Land

On a River Cruise, the main activity is your destination. With less focus on the onboard experience, this leaves time for lots of guided tours, plenty of excursions, and day trips. Guests enjoy more time to explore on their own shopping, wandering through museums, and sightseeing.

6. Calm Waters

Not only is the daily pace on a River Cruise more relaxing than an Ocean Cruise, but so is the water. Oceans are notorious for rough seas; which often times causes seasickness. Rivers are always calm and the motion of the boat is steady. River Cruises are ideal for people with motion sensitivity!

If you’re a traveler that loves being on the water, but enjoys the intimacy of smaller crowds, and time to go at your own pace, consider a luxurious River Cruise. There’s nothing better than locally prepared cuisine, breathtaking destinations, and maybe even a few new friends. You’ll come home both enriched and refreshed.