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Top 5 Events Happening At The 2019 Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Can you think of a more picturesque vision than fields of endless Dutch tulips? Neither can we! Our cruises can take you there, where you’ll be guided through the best of Amsterdam. We take all of the guesswork out of visiting this spectacular event that only happens once a year. Sure, other areas of the world may have these beautiful blooms, but not like the Netherlands.

The Dutch spend 3 months celebrating and there is plenty to experience. Think you’re too late? Think again! Best Cruises can have you there in no time. If you still need some convincing, here are the top 5 events during the Amsterdam Tulip Festival that you won’t want to miss.

1. Woodstock Festival at Keukenhof

From May 13-19, this festival will bring you back to the flower power of 1969. Imaging relaxing in one of the world’s largest flower gardens amongst 7 million blooms. Music, food, and plenty of atmosphere make this a truly memorable event. It’s family friendly and you can roam this 79-acre park all day long.

2. Alsameer Flower Festival

The village of Alsameer, just south of Amsterdam, is best known for its international flower auction. During the month of June, it’s one of the best places in the Netherlands to see tulips. There is a historical garden that has antique flower species rarely seen anywhere else in the world. There is also a new Flower Art Music dedicated solely to art inspired by flowers.

3. Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens)

Rolling Kitchens is exactly what it seems. It’s the biggest food truck festival in Amsterdam and it runs from the end of May into June. Beer tents and live music bring people in droves, so it does get crowded, but the attendees don’t seem to mind. Practically every type of food imaginable is served so even the most mature palettes will be satisfied.

4. Romance at Keukenhof

This special weekend in May brings romance to the legendary flower gardens with events that harken back to the 19th Century. Classical music plays while performers dance among the tulips. Bring your sweetheart, listen to the live orchestras, and feel the amour.

5. Sightseeing Tour

Want to see everything? That’s easy! Arrange a group or private tour with your travel company and leave it to the professionals to make sure no sight is unseen.

If the Amsterdam Tulip Festival isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. There’s good reason why almost 2 million people go each year. Flowers, food, and plenty of fun. Laten we gaan (let’s go)!